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Century Christian Preschool Programs
Our program offers a wide variety of academic experiences and works to instill a love of Jesus Christ into the hearts of our young children. Century’s academics focus on language arts skills, math, writing, art, science, social skills, and Bible. Students have many fun opportunities to become involved in their classroom.

Preschoolers will also have the opportunity to visit our computer lab, library, chapel and music class once a week.

We also offer soccer for toddlers through "Soccer Shots".

A Typical Day At Century Christian Preschool
A typical preschool day is filled with a variety of activities designed to challenge and enhance each child’s growth. These fun activities include: Arts and Crafts, Science, Bible Time, Phonics, Language Arts, Math, Perceptual Motor Skills (both large and small), Music and Movement, Circle Times, Self-help Skills (i.e. Table Manners) and Social-Emotional Development.
Play is an especially important part of each day. Your child will learn to interact with each other and manage and resolve conflict with one another, while respecting the individual differences that make each one of so very special.

Play, Learn and Grow Together!